Composer, Educator, Reader


Klodeta Buzi started her first musical studies by a pure coincidence when she was still and pursued her music career throughout the years. 

She started as a piano student at age of seven, and composed her first piece a year later. 

While making her first move into a great conservatory, “Conservatoire de Musique de Genève” she was unable to play anymore the instrument due to many muscle problems that she encountered at age of 19. 

With the help of friends and great teachers, she continued her music studies while figuring out ways to practice her instrument. 

In 2017 she composed for the mini series “Kemi Njëri-Tjetrin” in Albania, and since then she has collaborated with Anabel Media, a unique media source in Albania which produces tv series. 

She worked for “Hostel by Anabel”, “Love Likes Tirana”, “Kosherja” and now she is working on their latest tv series “SNOB”. 

In 2020, while she was at her lowest emotional point she found her healing playing the piano and composing songs. 

She will compose songs about the keen moments she had encountered during a very particular moment. 

It was a very healing week and she decided to put all these songs in an Album which will be released in 2021: “A Postcard”. 

It’s a solo piano work, which she recorded in one of the music studios (“Ionesco”) at her music school “Akademia Hollywood” in Tirana. 

The Album is itself a path through the pain and healing of someone who’s heart is broken. 

There is no need for words, as the melodies will get into your soul and will pick frames and moments when hearts were broken. 

She is a book lover, a sudoku player, a racewalker and a runner and she loves education. 

Klodeta actually lives in Tirana, Albania